Calle della Rosa, 2232 S.Croce
Venice 30125, Italy
Vaporetto: San Stae

The Mocenigo** Hotel is located between the station and St Mark's Square, giving it an ideal setting in the centre of Venice near to the Canal Grande. A
10-minute walk is all it takes to cross the picturesque shopping area to get to the Rialto bridge.
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With its 30 air-conditioned rooms, including televisions and en-suite bathrooms, the hotel is ready to welcome you all year round.
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Mocenigo family 
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The Mocenigo family is one of the most famous dynasties in Venice.
Over the years, the family has included several doges:

TOMMASO MOCENIGO (1343 - 1423) was noted for his outstanding conduct in the war against the Turks by commanding the Venetian fleet in the Nicopolis expedition in 1396. He was elected doge of Venice in 1414 whilst he was ambassador in Cremone. His term of office was characterised by a significant increase in trade, the reconstruction of the ducal palace and the building of the library.

PIETRO MOCENIGO, doge from 1474 to 1476, was one of the greatest Venetian admirals. He also had an active role in the war against the Turks by taking and destroying Smyrna in 1472 and annexing Cyprus to the Republic in 1475.

GIOVANNI MOCENIGO, the brother of Pietro, was doge from 1478 to 1485 and continued his brother's foreign policy, particularly in fighting against Mohammed II.

LUIGI MOCENIGO was doge from 1570 to 1577. During his reign, Venice lost the fortresses of Nicosia and Famagosta in Cyprus. These defeats led him to make peace with the Turks and give up any plans of conquering the island in 1571.

The terms of office led by the other members of the family were less aggressive. ANDREA MOCENIGO was senator of the republic and an historian, LUIGI MOCENIGO was doge from 1700 to 1709, his brother SEBASTIANO from 1722 to 1732, and ALVISE MOCENIGO from 1763 until his death in 1778.

The hotel is located a few minutes from Mocenigo Palace.
 Mocenigo Palace in olden times and today